Hustle Matters: How Your Work Ethic Can Get You Ahead of the Competition

An Uber driver recently shared his story on Facebook about how he was able to make $250,000 in a year with his business on the side. Gavin Escolar isn’t just an Uber driver. He designs and sells handmade jewelry and turns this passion into an incredibly successful side effort by showing off and selling his jewelry to his customers on Uber and Lyft rides.

Gavin’s story is such a great example of hustle and what it takes to turn your passion into a reality. Gavin assessed his situation and saw an opportunity and he worked his ass off to turn it into a viable and profitable business. This should be the mantra for every business leader and every startup team. Hustle really does matter, but what exactly can it do and how can you integrate it into the very heart of your own business?

Hustle is an interesting word with many conflicting connotations. On one hand, you have the impression that “a hustler” is someone that cheats people unfairly. And then there’s the person who hustles. The man or woman who gives it all every day until they’ve accomplished everything they set out to do. We prefer this second definition and we believe in its potential.  


There are a few specific strategies that define hustle as far as running a business goes. Here’s the list.

1. Promote Yourself

People have to know about your business if you want them to take an interest. Promotion is a key part of what hustle means. Tell the people around you about your business at every opportunity. Don’t just shove it down their throats, find ways to make them care. Learn about your audience and market toward their interests. It’s going to take a lot of work, but this is what good hustlers understand. This is what good hustlers do.

2. Fail Forward

You’re going to hit roadblocks on your way to success. Many people give up in this faces of these challenges. A hustler hits them head on and pushes their way past every single obstacle. If you’re rejected, if you lose a client there’s no cause for despair. Look at the mistakes you made, learn, and adjust. 

3. Pick Your Opportunities

If your business is doing well then you’re going to get a lot of offers at deals, partnerships, and much more. Part of being a hustler is recognizing which of these options are good for your business and which aren’t. Part of growing means making hard choices and there’s no doubt that you’re going to have to make a few. Make sure you put as much work possible into making all the right decisions. 

4. Use Your Successes as Fuel

Every single milestone is something to be valued. True hustle isn’t easy so every victory counts to keep you rolling. Don’t rest on your laurels and don’t settle, but recognize every time you’ve done something good and congratulate yourself. Every step in the journey is still a step forward and as long as you keep going, every single one of those steps matters. 

There’s a school of thought that says that hustle can even be the strategy on which you drive your business forward. And it’s not a new idea by any means. You don’t necessarily need fancy strategies or innovative solutions to push your business forward. All you need is hard work.

Hustle is a force that customers recognize. They like to see that you’re willing to work hard for them. They’ll want what you have to offer when every signal you’re putting out shows that you’re doing everything in your power to do the best job for them. 

Put hustle forward in every facet of your business and there’s no limits to how far you can go. Find ways to maximize every inch like Gavin did with his jewelry business and you can see your own returns. 

— ZK

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