10 Top-Notch Tools for Startup Teams (Part III)

One of our goals at 13p5 is to make it easier for you to do your job. Building, refining, and selling a great idea is more than enough work, so we might as well provide you with some of the best assets out there to make that process a little bit easier. 

Our resource page does just that. It’s a list of free tools tailored to fit every element of startup business. We’ve already shared a couple posts highlighting some of the best there, but there’s still so many more we haven’t had a chance to take a look at. So let’s take a look at ten more of our favorites.



Github is a name that a lot of people know about, but for some it only goes that far. While you’re certainly not going to learn all the ins and outs of the service, it’s easily one of the most user friendly source code management tools with so many features to make code review and collaboration experiences better. It’s worth a look if you’re stuck on what to use for your next development effort.

Our full list of some of the best Web Development tools.



StartupLi.st’s functionality is two-fold. It serves as a great repository for startups in whatever industry you can imagine and also a place to host your own business to help find the early adopters that are going to get your business rolling. It’s a simple, useful tool that you can’t ignore if you want to begin promoting yourself online. 

Our full list of some of the best “Finding Early Users” resources.



There’s so much information flying around at any given time that we want to share and discuss. Unfortunately this can sometimes cut into productive work flow. Point is an incredibly useful tool to cut online articles down to their highlights and share with friends and business associates easily. 

Our full list of some of the best Ideation tech.



We use so many apps to make our lives easier and to get our businesses running better that it can sometimes become a chore of its own to manage them all. Zapier is the perfect solution with a means to synchronize all your apps under one umbrella, to automate tasks between them, and to get more information out of your usage. 

Our full list of some of the best Online Tools



If social media is at all a concern of yours then you are missing out big time if you haven’t given Buffer a look. You’ve probably already heard of it, but it deserves a highlight all the same. Buffer is the definitive social media tool to plan your week of content ahead of time and learn way more about your engagement and what it means for your business. 

Our full list of some of the best Email & Social tools.  



We’ve talked about tools that make internal communication way easier before, but what about communicating with your customers? Intercom is a great solution for every person in your business to have a gateway to the customer, their interests, and their concerns. May it be feedback, support, or engagement, this app does all the customer-facing work that you’ll need. 

Our full list of some of the best tools for Communication & Task Management


The Noun Project

Branding your business is going to mean finding resources online that can give you everything you need. The Noun Project is one of those resources and an excellent one at that with countless free icon and illustration designs to help you build out the visual elements of your site, app, or marketing material that will get people looking your way. 

Our full list of some of the best Photo & Design tools.  


People tend to think of inspiration in broad terms, but when it comes to developing something, more focus generally helps. GoodUI is a tool loaded with tips and ideas specifically concerned with building out a powerful and engaging user interface for whatever it is you’re developing. This is a great place to start if you’re not quite sure how you want your app to look and function. 

Our full list of some of the best sources of Inspiration.  



Going out and finding investors for whatever round of funding you’re in is one of the toughest challenges for any startup. SeedInvest is a platform that looks to connect you with the right investors that have a genuine interest in your effort without nearly as much hassle. It’s a great tool for startups and investors both to find the partnerships that are going to lead to genuine success. 

Our full list of some of the best Business & Finance tools.  


Google Analytics

There really is no better analytics tool available for businesses than the old standard from Google. Not every project the company has tried has panned out, but Analytics can certainly be chalked up as one of their definitive successes. With incredibly valuable tracking and insights on all aspects of customer engagement for your websites, social media, and other online outlets, you’ll have all the information you need to get your business running way better. 

Our full list of some of the best Analytics tools

Are we missing anything? Let us know your thoughts on the best tools for startups out there. 

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