Gearing Up for 2016: What’s It Going to Take to Succeed?

Another year nearly down in the books, and we’re all making plans for how we’re going to be way more productive in 2016. May that be in our own lives or our businesses, the new year is a perfect time for new ideas, new approaches, and new opportunity. The most important piece, however, is to be prepared and to hit the ground running.

So what are some of the ways that you should begin preparing for 2016 so that you can get way ahead of the competition immediately? Let’s take a look:

Preparing Your Finances

Whether we like it or not, it all begins with money and having a solid financial strategy will be the foundation of any kind of success in 2016. May that be having a plan to monetize your new, game-changing app or a safety net you’ve built to launch your new idea, the key to success will always depend on your ability to prepare for the worst and to expect the best. 

Now is the calm before the storm and the best chance to step back and take stock of every financial part of your business. Are you going to need new hires to support your growth and is that feasible? What are your upcoming expenses and can you support them with expected revenue? What does your business plan look like and does it need tweaking?

These are the questions you should be asking yourself before launching headfirst into the new year. If you’ve got it all figured out then you should be in good shape. 

Nailing Down Your New Ideas

It’s easy to be overwhelmed by all your new plans for change in the new year. There’s no doubt that you have a lot of ideas floating around to innovate, to improve, and to create something successful. 

If you have a new idea in mind that you think can do work for you make sure that you go through all the steps it will take to put it to the test. If it’s a product, make certain that it’s solving some kind of problem for some kind of target audience. If it’s a solution to some inefficiency in your own process, make sure you’re prepared to be consistent with whatever kind of change you plan to implement.

A lot of people set goals, make plans, and put resolutions in place. You set yourself apart when you can follow through. That’s just as true in business as it is in life. Focus on a few ideas you have, make sure they work, and be prepared to take action on each and every one of them. 

Refining Your Marketing Strategy

Your plan to market your new (or old) product to your audience will be the make-or-break part of your strategy going into 2016. If you can’t reach people and if you can’t build an audience then there’s no sales and no success. 


You can think in the same terms here as with your financial strategy. Set clear, actionable goals that you want to achieve and benchmarks that you know you can hit. This kind of structure is going to define the work you’re doing when the new year comes and it’s incredibly important if you want to grow like you hope. 

Take stock, recognize where you’re at and where you want to go, and identify the ways to get there. Every brand has its own unique qualities that you should be leveraging to your advantage. Find that kernel of identity and recognize ways to show it off to the world. Find new, effective ways to articulate your existence and people will begin to pay attention.

Have a wonderful new year full of success. Thank you for reading. 

— ZK

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