10 Top-Notch Tools for Startup Teams

A look at some of the best free tools available on the 13p5 resources page

One of our goals at 13p5 is to make it easier for you to do your job. Building, refining, and selling a great idea is more than enough work, so we might as well provide you with some of the best assets out there to make that process a little bit easier. Our resource page does just that. It’s a list of free tools tailored to fit every element of startup business. Let’s take a look at ten of our favorites.



Nibbler is the best kind of resource. Simple, easy to use, and with clear, actionable results. Just throw the address of your website into the tool and it will pop out scores for ten key web development areas. These include accessibility, marketing, and technology with breakdowns of how these factors are scored based on things like images, headings, and quantity of content. It is incredibly useful for identifying problem elements on your website and what you need to do to shore up those deficiencies. 

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Product Hunt


It always pays to keep an eye on the competition, and Product Hunt is one of the best ways to do that. With user-rated content rising to the top of the page, the site shows off the products that are drawing the attention of savvy potential prospects. If you click on a particular product, it will drop down a selection of similar items of that type that might not have made it to the front page. As we know, it’s very important to track what’s getting these potential early adopters excited.

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People let their good ideas go to waste too often, but it makes sense. It’s easy to let some of the idle thoughts slip through the cracks in the everyday shuffle. Fortunately, Germ.io is the perfect solution. The site is a place for you to put every freeform thought. It helps you track, categorize, manage, and develop that spark into a genuine initiative. It’s good to throw everything at the wall, Germ.io makes sure that the best ideas stick. 

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Survey Monkey


Data is good, but smart usage of that information flow is better. Survey Monkey has you covered on both fronts. With its builder tool, you can easily create a simple poll or an in-depth market survey. Then you can take that data and run it through their analytics to discover the insights that are really going to matter. They also have tech to help you define your target audience.

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Hootsuite is designed to make it dramatically easier to manage and track the value of your various social media outlets. It combines Twitter and Facebook into a slick, easy-to-use interface where you can schedule posts, track conversations, and manage the business of social media all in one spot. You can also quickly create shareable analytics reports to illustrate the benefits of your social media efforts. 

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Slack started as a niche chatroom app and quickly ballooned into the most intuitive in-house communications tool out there today. You can create however many chatrooms are needed for your different initiatives and teams all inside a user-friendly interface. And its free format is remarkably unrestricted. It’s simple, it’s clean, and it gets the job done better than anything else.

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At some point in your startup career, you’re probably going to have to build a website or two. Wireframe.cc makes the designing part much easier. With an intuitive and minimalist interface, you can drag and draw your way to a clear and crisp framework of what you want your website to look like. If you don’t know exactly what you want, then you’ll get smart suggestions to help you flesh out your design. Easy to modify and easy to share, Wireframe.cc does exactly what it needs to and that’s great. 

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Really Good Emails 


What does a really good marketing email look like? Well there’s this website called Really Good Emails and they seem to have a few answers to that question. RGE is a depository of some of the best email designs out there, neatly categorized into a long list of different topics and styles. If you’re trying to find inspiration for the design of your next campaign then look no further. 

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There’s no denying that running a business is no small part of the startup experience. It’s not always fun and it can be a bit messy, but fortunately there are tools out there like Wave to make that process smoother for small businesses. Wave offers an array of cloud-based software for all sorts of finance matters from accounting to invoices to payments. It’s simple, useful, and a lot of it is free. 

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Simply Measured


Simply Measured is an incredibly comprehensive social media analytics tool designed to help you build your social media strategy with a wealth of data on your audience and your competitors. It tracks brand activities, audience engagement, and business results to help you adapt your strategy and optimize your tactics after each campaign. 

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Are we missing anything? Let us know your thoughts on the best tools for startups out there. 

– ZK

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