13p5: An odd name

Understanding how to break through early adoption is the point of 13p5

In 1962, Everett Rogers published a book called Diffusion of Innovations. He wanted to understand and to explain how new ideas and new technologies spread. Rogers highlighted five categories of potential users. The group known as early adopters made up 13.5% of his curve.


Early adopters were the first people to take on new ideas that the innovators had created. Like Rogers, we believe strongly in the value of the early adopter – and in helping our readers reach that most valuable market.

Half a century later and we’re still trying to understand how innovations take hold. New ideas and new technologies are cropping up every day. Finding out why some succeed and others fail still dominates much discussion. Many people chalk up success to a lucky few who were in the right place at the right time. We disagree. We believe there is a method to the madness of startup success and what we intend to do here is to search out just what makes up that method.

Our intention here is two-fold: We want to aggregate some of the better advice out there for new startups looking to get a foothold in their given industry, while also sharing some insights of our own. We hope that by putting more tools at the disposal of people with great ideas, it will help lead to more successes. The second approach is best described as a general effort to discover that fickle formula for success. We hope that by taking a close look at success stories and maybe a few failures too, we can begin to identify winning strategies useful for every person that wants to take their own shot.

One of the mistakes often made by new start-ups is a refusal to learn from the experience of others. It’s easy to write off success as a blind stumble into a hungry market. What we want to do here is learn from even the most seemingly random of successes and to try to pinpoint what they did well that others before them did not.

What we want to do here is learn. And share.

It’s also important to keep in mind that while there are core truths that every startup should live by, the road to success will not be the same for everyone. Not every market wants the same thing and every market is changing constantly and adopting new interests and new wants. A startup must always be prepared to pivot and we intend to be just as flexible with solutions tailored to each individual effort by keeping our thumb on the ever-changing pulse of industries.

At its core, startup success lies with the early adopter, and understanding what it is that makes a particular product worthy of their attention. Once the early adopters are engaged, the process of onboarding is remarkably smoother. Word of mouth, exponential growth, and critical mass. This all stems from that first 13.5 who take an interest.

It’s from that starting point – 13p5 – that we begin our journey. We’re excited to have you as a part of it.

– ZK