Here’s How to Make Excellent Content That Will Take Your Business to the Next Level

We’ve talked before at 13p5 about how powerful audience building by way of content marketing can be. That is absolutely true, but not just any content will do. No, it’s going to take truly excellent content if you want to hit the kind of growth indicators that you’re after. Neil Patel, a serial blogger and highly successful startup owner in his own right, has written time and again about how much more value “great content” has over your standard fare.

According to Neil, “you have to create outstanding posts on a regular basis for your content to make a real difference.” Those two elements, excellence and consistency, are the benchmarks you’re going to need to hit if you want your content to go into overdrive.

Jeff Bullas, another blogging fiend and content marketing expert, has called it “a content war where the best rises to the top.” And you have to treat it like a war if you want your content to come out ahead. The upside here is that there are so many benefits to great content. If you can create better content that’s getting more eyeballs than anyone else, not only will that audience propel your business to success, but it will also position you as a thought leader in your space.

None of this is easy, but luckily there is a wealth of useful tips and tricks out there to help you get one more step closer to the kind of excellence that will keep people coming back. Let’s take a look at some of the best.

Neil recently shared some examples of what he considers truly “epic” content and there’s a few commonalities that stick out.

Part One: Your content has to look amazing

We’ve talked about the power of presentation before and Neil agrees. Whether it’s a blog post, a video, or infographic, content performs way, way better when its design is firing on all cylinders. This does not mean that it should be overly gaudy. The statistics show that simplicity tends to perform way, way better.

This means images that break up the monotony of the text. This means videos that are eye-catching and impressive. Animation is a great way to go to communicate a message in a beautiful way that people can’t help but pay attention to. Telling stories and communicating ideas primarily with powerful images is a great way to go as well. They do say that whole thing about the thousand words for a reason.

Above all, your formatting and design should be clean, consistent, and easily digestible. These are the elements that are not only going to get people consuming your content more readily, but if done in the right way, they’ll make everything you do look way more impressive. Put it all together and you’re on your way to building the kind of respect that can quickly lead to converts and sales.

Part Two: You have to say something people can’t help but read

There are specific pieces of content that, like it or not, tend to get the most traction. Here’s some that we feel are the absolute best based on Jeff Bullas’ own selections.

1) Lists

There’s a stigma against lists that they are no more than cheap clickbait, but there are real reasons why they work and they make a lot of sense. Lists are an easy and incredibly effective way to organize your content. Rather than long, sprawling paragraphs, each piece of information is neatly broken down and people can pick and choose which ones interest them most. This kind of neat ordering works and it works well so it’s always worth paying attention to.

2) Negative Takes

People like to hear about how others have failed in the past. It’s a great way to get traffic, but the power of this kind of content doesn’t stop there. Looking at the mistakes that others have made is actually one of the best ways to lay out a path for what it takes to succeed. It may be a bit ugly, but there’s no doubt that it works.

3) How To’s

People want to know how to do things well. If whatever solution you’re offering is presented in a readable way that’s simple to implement then this is one of the best strategies there is to get people’s attention.

4) Case Studies

When you say something about your product, people may not always take it seriously. It’s a fair thing to do. Obviously your belief in your own product’s quality is going to be pretty biased one way or another. So this is one of the quickest ways to prove that your product has done a lot of work for others and it can do just as much for the next prospective client.

Part Three: Originality pays best

Content that is wholly your own presented in a way that no one before you could have imagined will always be the best strategy. Just as it is important to innovate with your product, the same is true for content.

You can get by with the methods we’ve already laid out and there’s no doubt that they can do a ton of work on their own, but at the end of the day, original ideas laid out uniquely will overpower everything else.

If you take this road then excellence and all its benefits is only so far away. 

— ZK

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