10 More Top-Notch Tools for Startup Teams

A couple months ago, we looked at some of the best free tools online that you can find on our 13p5 resources page, but there are so many more available that we didn’t get a chance to look at. So here’s ten more free tools to get your startup running that much better, all hosted right here on our site. 



We’ve talked a lot about the power of monetizing your audience, but once you’ve built an engaged base, it’s sometimes hard to know how to take the next step. Well TicTail is a great solution, a simple and easy-to-use means of creating an online store to shop your product or whatever it is you want to sell to your online audience. They have so many utilities to build the perfect storefront for your business and it’s definitely worth a look. 

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Keeping a finger on the ever-changing pulse of the startup industry is an all-important part of finding the right opportunities and the perfect users. BetaList lets you see the innovations at the absolute forefront of the space before they’ve even fully released. If you want to know what game-changing products are on their way out the door then there’s no better resource out there. 

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The Internet Wishlist


Have you ever wanted to know just what it is that audiences wish there was an app for? Well, The Internet Wishlist is your social-media-sourced one stop shop for all the ideas that people wish there was a product for. If you have all the tools you need to execute and you’re just lacking that one idea, then The Internet Wishlist is worth a look. They might not always be feasible, but there’s no doubt that there’s some great stuff on there that just needs a startup to make it real. 

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People tend to respond to beautiful presentation, and when it comes to surveys, forms, landing pages, etc., Typeform is a great answer for making them all look fantastic. Proven to boost responses, clicks, and completion rates, the evidence backs up the power that quality content can have. If you want your media to look as good as your product, this is a great solution. 

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Managing all your social media outlets can be a bit of a hassle, but there are so many tools out there to not only make the process easier, but to also let you get so much more out of it from an analytics standpoint. DoSocial helps you manage your Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages with a comprehensive breakdown of how to to upgrade your social media front. 

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Trello is one of those tools that has quickly become a staple for the business looking to get way more organized. Highly customizable and rife with options, Trello lets you put all your resources in one place, all organized just the way you want. It’s most powerful as a workflow tool with checklists to help you plan your week before it happens and to make sure that your team is always on the same page. 

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If you want people to see your brand, in the form of blog graphics, presentations, Facebook covers, flyers, posters, invitations, or whatever else you can think of, Canva is a great solution to get it all done. What defines Canva most is its ease of use. It’s full of resources to help you build all the graphics you could everyone want, it’s free, and it’s fully online. It’s hard to beat that kind of value with how expensive good design software can be. Definitely worth a look if you want to create simple, great images to support your product. 

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StartUp Podcast


We all know how much work it takes to get your startup of the ground. Everyone has a story to tell about how they turned their idea into a successful business. StartUp Podcast is an entertaining and informative series that looks at all those stories and what lessons we can learn from their experiences. It’s a great listen if nothing else than to learn what other people in the industry are thinking and to hear great stories. 

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Startup founders have to be responsible for so many things that it helps when a tool like Visible comes in to take the pain away from some of the more difficult interactions. By visualizing and streamlining all the data you’re expected to share with your investors, Visible helps you to keep people in the know. Not only will your reporting be that much easier, but it will also look much better and will be way more organized. 

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If you want to properly leverage all the analytics you have coming in, you need to be able to understand exactly what they mean for your business. Hotjar helps you do just that with tools like heatmaps to track where your visitors are clicking and spending the most of their time and Conversion Funnels tracking the point when visitors decide to leave your site. These tools and so much more are incredibly powerful means to identify deficiencies in your website, your content, and all the other aspects of your business that still need work. 

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Are we missing anything? Let us know your thoughts on the best tools for startups out there. 

— ZK

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