Defining Your Content Marketing Strategy for 2016

We believe strongly in the power of content marketing at 13p5, specifically in its ability to attract, engage, and build lasting audiences for whatever startup pursuit you may be undertaking. The influence and capacity of content marketing isn’t changing in 2016. If anything, it’s only gaining energy. We’ve been talking lately about what it's going to take to succeed in the new year and there’s no doubt that you’re going to want content marketing to be a part of your new strategy

What is changing are the trends, the opportunities, and the ways that you can maximize content marketing to its fullest potential in the interest of building new audiences and new connections that will take your business to the next level. 

Sujan Patel over at Forbes wrote recently about what he thinks it’s going to take to content market successfully in 2016. He makes it plain that while content marketing is a strong option, it only really works if you’re going into it with an effective strategy tailored to your business and to your audience.

That second part is probably the most important piece of all. Understanding your audience.That is the key not just to successful content marketing, but to a successful business in general. 

Use analytics, your own personal observations, and your interactions on your social media outlets to not just develop a sense of what your audience is looking for, but who they are individually. Sujan Patel calls this an “audience persona”. Document every single pain point that you notice them dealing with and find ways to address them in the kind of content you put out. 

The next step is to take that information and to be channeling it in the right places. Some platforms are better than others when it comes to sharing specific types of content. Twitter is better suited for short form and easily accessible written and visual tidbits and Linkedin for your in-depth post on SEO. People go to these places expecting something specific. Make sure you’re there to provide.

The last part is especially important as we move into a new year: stay ahead of each and every developing trend, adapt quickly, and implement new initiatives that suit the way the industry happens to be turning at the given moment. 

Staying ahead of the competition and on top of every new trend will set you apart and get people looking at your content first.

So what are some of the trends developing in 2016? 

For one, people love original research now more than ever. Use the analytics and observations you’ve made in your own efforts and build them into case studies. If you’re presenting a piece of information people haven’t considered before, they’ll probably want to see what you’ve got to show. 

Keep an eye on people, discover something interesting, and share your observations with the world. There’s no piece of content marketing that is quite as electric as something truly original. 

Quality is also a piece that is becoming increasingly valuable to audiences. People would rather be dazzled by the occasional piece of well-researched and engaging content than an overwhelming supply of mediocre writing. Take the time to craft genuinely compelling pieces and people will come flocking.

With these ideas in mind, hopefully you’ll hit the ground running with your own great content marketing strategy for the new year.

— ZK

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