3 Reasons Why Your Business Should Begin Advertising Local Right Now

We know you’ve heard it before: newspapers are a dying breed. Most marketing consultants and gurus will tell you that a business’s online presence is one of the most important aspects of a marketing plan. While digital media dominates the global advertising atmosphere, many small businesses are neglecting a potentially lucrative market.

Local advertising is often the most overlooked strategy by newly emerging companies. For small businesses, focusing on a local presence is a great way to build buzz, drive loyalty, and even illustrate the uniqueness of your brand to the public.

Here are three important reasons why you should consider advertising in your local publication immediately:

1.    More bang for your buck

One of the biggest advantages to advertising in a local publication is that every set of eyes that graces your company’s ad will be within driving distance of your location. As compared to digital advertising, no impressions are wasted on customers who are out-of-reach.

Sales representatives working for local newspapers are very familiar with the publication and its audience, meaning they should know exactly where to position your ad for the best ROI.

Lastly, many local publication readers are actively seeking advertisements and nearby deals. Advertising locally will make it easier to grab the attention of a potential customer.

2.    Local is part of your story

While it may be difficult to develop a unique brand voice, aligning your business with a local market can considerably enhance your reputation, and can lead to lasting relationships. Every aspect of a company adds to its unique story, particularly location.

For small businesses, establishing an association with a specific area can positively affect the reputation of your brand. When a brand has a reciprocal or mutual trait with its audience — like location — it helps build the business’s story and make it personal. Similar to how Starbucks initially captured Seattle, your business should focus on building local relationships to tell your unique story. What better way to reach customers than to advertise with a publication that knows them best?

3.    Create evangelists

Building a local reputation is an extremely effective way to build positive relationships in your community. When a business continues to make new connections while maintaining old ones, they eventually begin to experience brand loyalty. Word of mouth marketing continues to be one of the best and most effective marketing techniques today. Transforming customers into evangelists that advocate for your business should be an ultimate goal for any company.

Local newspaper publishers strive to create positive relationships with members of the community, enhancing their reputation, and building their own loyal customer base. Community members trust local publications for providing current and accurate information. By advertising with a local publication, you can help build your own positive reputation in the community simply via association.

By advertising locally, you establish your business within a community and significantly strengthen the relationship between you and your customers. Local newspapers offer small businesses a wide range of ad options that work for any budget. Options include small 1-inch-square classified ads, column ads in various sizes by the column inch, half-page, or full-page spreads. As mentioned earlier, local advertisers know their communities best, so working with them will ensure you get the best ROI for your advertising efforts.

If you’re looking for a great way to generate loyal customer following, or give your business an edge in your local community, try advertising with a local paper.  

Ed LynesComment