It’s Time to Step Way Out of Your Comfort Zone

The world is moving faster than ever, and it’s more important than ever that you don’t let yourself get left behind. They key to doing that is an absolute willingness to push well outside of your comfort zone, to do things you never thought you could, and achieve more than you ever imagined. With 2017 fast approaching, now is the time to take that big bold step toward your future.

As humans, we are always most comfortable when we can settle into a routine and it’s so easy to fall into one without even realizing it. But that kind of settled behavior has and always will be an artificial limiter of opportunity. Nothing new and nothing valuable comes from doing the same thing over and over again unless you’ve somehow stumbled upon the perfect routine for success.

Maybe you’re happy with what you’ve got, but there’s always more out there to do and see, and there’s no sense wasting precious time if you think it’s worth taking a step in that direction. Fear and anxiety are powerful limits to our potential, but there are so many reasons why we can’t let those chemicals take control of how we live our lives. And they are just chemicals—human biology that sucks, but that we can’t throw up the white flag to.

Chris Dessi, a serial entrepreneur and contributor, derives his wisdom on “getting comfortable with being uncomfortable” from a Green Beret, Jason Van Camp. He points out that the first and most important step is simply to start. It seems like such a simple thing, but getting that first foot out of the door and headed toward the new thing that you want can be so hard to put into practice.

Don’t think of that first step like a barrier. Think of it as a decision, once made, that you will stick through the rest of the way. And that’s key to bear in mind because the next hardest part is not quitting on your new plan for yourself. Take every next move one step at a time, a little every day, and before you know it, you’ll be exactly where you wanted to go in the first place. But once you realize that, you can’t stop either.

The goal is not some kind of end result where you can put up your feet and smell the roses. It’s just one more milestone on the path of a successful and happy life. Inaction and stagnation is boring, and it’s not worth your time.

Startups want people that can speak for themselves and want to carve out a bigger role on a daily basis. Employees that stay in their own bubble—that sit and wait and hope that maybe they will get to do the work that they always wanted—are not going to succeed in a healthy startup atmosphere.

The whole point of this space is uncharted territory and untapped opportunity. Just like any good business, don’t sit and wait until it falls into your lap. Grab hold of what you want, identify every opportunity, and capitalize on every chance to prove that you are the best possible team member you can be. Be flexible—be willing to change, grow, and improve.

No one is stopping you and now is your chance more than ever. Get active, get willing, and get out of your own way, and there is no limit to what’s out there waiting for you.

— ZK

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