What It Takes to Turn Content Marketing into a Business

There’s a big difference between content marketing and good content marketing. It’s as trendy as business strategies get, but too many people misunderstand what content marketing is really all about and how to maximize it to full effect.

In a world where content is king, this is something we need to understand. So let’s look at some potential solutions to the content marketing dilemma, and how you can turn all that effort into the most important thing: Sales.

FirstRound recently threw their hat in the ring to try to riddle out exactly what it takes to win at content marketing. To do this, they shared Contently CEO, Joe Coleman’s commandments of content marketing.


The first of these commandments, and perhaps the most important is that you need to be patient with content marketing. Aside from those rare viral success stories, you’ve got to knuckle down and stay consistent with the content marketing that you do.

That consistency is another commandment of his. Too many companies get in over their head and burn out without taking the time to cultivate their content and their audience. You won’t see the kinds of results you want overnight, but people are far more likely to respond if they see that you’re here to stay. Pick a strategy you can stick with and keep it going. 

Once you have that strategy in place, step two is to understand the kind of audience you’re dealing with. Solicit feedback, track metrics, and make clear decisions. Find out what they want and give it them. It’s okay to stumble at first. That’s a part of growing and making those mistakes and building on them is a strong path to any kind of success.

That audience must come from somewhere, and Joe Coleman believes that the best way to build a base is to do something as unique as humanly possible. There’s no reason why people should go after more of the same. Even if it’s a small thing, find some way to differentiate yourself from all that competition.

May it take the form of a clear visual identity, a different form of delivery like a video or a podcast or an animation, or simply by providing a higher quality of content in general, whatever way you can to make yourself stand out is key. Experiment, try new things. You don’t have to blow a huge marketing budget to find success online. Turn that to your advantage.

Too often people look at another company, see what they are doing is working, and try to emulate it as thoroughly as possible. Believe it or not, there are niches left to fill. If you can find the perfect one for you then there’s no limit to your ambition. That’s where you find your audience, and that’s where you find your sales.

We’ll have more to say about what effective content marketing can really do soon, so stay tuned.

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