Here’s Why Good Demand Gen is Good Business


There is a sense from some in the startup space that good demand generation must somehow be opposed to good business strategy. In other words, that a company can’t both be interested in improving itself and also be deeply concerned with making a profit. Basically, if you want to make money fast, you have to make sacrifices. This just isn’t true and if success is your goal, the real truth is that neither strategy nor demand gen can actually exist in a vacuum.

Demand gen can’t simply be boiled down to a simple goal of revenue, as quickly as you can get it. In reality, it’s the foundation for any kind of success, and a company that will last in the long-term.

Companies need customers. They’re not much of anything without them. You can have the best team in the world with brilliant internal strategy to keep everyone motivated and on track, but if you’re not selling something to someone then what’s the point?

It’s easy to get caught up in all the hoopla that supposedly leads to success and lose sight of the end goal. Good practices, growth, marketing, etc. It’s all about building an infrastructure and making some kind of profit at the end of the day. Whatever personal satisfaction you take in how well you’ve done that job is secondary. You need to succeed first for that to mean anything, and that all starts with good demand generation.


Demand gen or the ways that you get leads is too often seen as some incarnation of the “get rich quick” methodology. A viral campaign, putting money in to push people to your landing page, etc. The problem with turning these initiatives into overall strategy is the disconnect between what they accomplish and what people think they accomplish.

People see these actions and say that they are short-term solutions, but in reality, they are just one piece of the bigger puzzle that is overall strategy.

You draw people to your landing page, you collect emails, you advertise on social media, you call, and hopefully you convert. There’s nothing short-term about it. You just can’t lose sight of how these actions fit into the larger picture. If you aren’t generating leads at the right pace, maybe that means your product or your marketing needs adjustment? What can you learn about your brand from the kinds of people you are connecting with?

There is so much you can take away from this crucial first step of locating prospects. Every new campaign is going to teach you something about your company, your audience, and they are going to help you learn how to explain your product more effectively to that audience too.

Demand gen isn’t just throwing money at a problem until you succeed.

As you get better at it that necessarily means that you’ve improved your company in some other way. The two just can’t be distinguished and that’s why demand gen, as the start of any kind of success, is so important. Once you have that foundation in place, it’s just a matter of building on that base towards the kind of success you’re hoping for. 

— ZK

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