How to Get Major Publications Talking About Your Product


We live in a world of so much information and noise that sometimes the hardest effort for any business is to get your product noticed at all. Once you can break through that barrier of obscurity and get people talking about your product, it can quickly snowball into an incredible amount of success.

So how exactly is that done? While there is no one definitive method to get your brand out there in the world, we can offer some advice on some the ways that you can get publications seriously interested in speaking on your behalf.

Step One: Craft Your Story

Journalists, publications, and blog writers tend to have a lot on their plate at any given time. If you want to capture their attention, your story needs to be interesting enough to stand out. A great way to start working on this is to fall back to the age old adage practice.

Write blog posts, whitepapers, and collateral. Hone your own sense of your brand and your story before you try to sell it to a reporter. Once you have achieved a mastery of what exactly you are now then that is the time to reach out.

Don’t just create one pitch, but several that you think could make a reporter interested in you and then refine the ones that you can see are working better than others. Lastly, be able to take that content and summarize the unique quality of your startup in a sentence or two.

Step Two: Find Your Audience

Sound familiar? When you go seeking the attention of publications, many of the same practices apply as when you go to market yourself to potential customers. It rarely pays off to cast your net too wide unless you can spend the time and effort to craft a unique pitch for each and every publication you are aiming to hit. Instead, it’s much more efficient to research and locate the reporters that are as specific to your particular industry and niche as possible.

Going local is a great idea if you are pushing a product that is marketed and used where you live. If not, the most important thing to do is research the particular interests of the websites and journalists you want talking about you. It’s not worth going after generic reporters and those that are just loosely connected to your particular product.

Read blogs, news articles, and familiarize yourself with the places where you can find people writing about the kind of work you do. Once you’re an expert, create a database of the journalists you’re interested in. Follow them on social media, share their articles, and get to know them.

Once you have a big list of people you’d like to talk to, it’s a great idea to organize them according to tiers based on things like audience size, relation to your product, and appeal. Shoot your pitch to the highest tier first and then work your way down. If you’ve done your work, there’s a good chance some will bite.

Step Three: Personalize Your Message

No one wants to feel like they are being solicited as a part of some automated email. They want to know that you care about them personally. This is especially important if you want a publication talking about you because you are asking them to give you a gift; it’s only fair that you treat them like a person when you’re doing it.

This is where all that research and all that interaction on social media comes in. Start by letting them know that you have been following them and that you appreciate the work they have been doing. Once you have established that personal connection, only then is the time to explain why you think your product might be worth their precious time.

Getting attention is the hardest thing to do in today’s world, but if you put in the right kind of effort, it’s still attainable and it’s definitely worthwhile.

— ZK

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