To Market Effectively, You Need to Be Able to Communicate Value


The way that people develop news products and services has experienced a tectonic shift in the past decade. Rather than pushing features, it’s all about solutions now.

At 13p5, we’ve talked at length about the value of solution-based product development, but what about solution-based marketing to go with it? The key to making that leap does not depend on your ability to advertise traditionally, but rather how you can communicate specific, tangible value to each and every segment of your audience.

To market with a solution in mind, the first step is to identify the segments of your audience that you want to target. This essentially means grouping your audience based on their specific wants, needs, and desires. Usually, audience segmentation happens by accident when you set out to define an audience or niche that you are going to build a product towards.

Just like that, you have your ideal market segment in place. Now is the time to speak to them in a way that can demonstrate fully your solution and how exactly it’s going to improve their lives. This is less about marketing and more about education. People need to understand your product and its value if they are going to even think for a second about buying it.

The 2016 Guide to Sales Enablement by Percolate has a wealth of advice on how to do just that. “Buyers begin their journey online, conducting research on the problems they are experiencing or the opportunities they would like to pursue. Marketing needs to own this initial stage of engagement, nurture buyers through the initial phases of the journey, and seamlessly pass the buyer to Sales at the most appropriate and helpful time.”

People turn to their search engines when they want to learn something or solve a problem, and it’s a new reality that product makers need to be able to recognize and use to their advantage. When those potential customers go to search out solutions, your product needs to show up in that exploration loop.

Whether accomplished simply by running a Google Adwords campaign or building content marketing that positions you as a thought leader in the right problem/solution space, the new paradigm of marketing relies on your ability to be the source that people find when they take to the internet to solve their own problems.


These strategies are just pieces of the all-encompassing “soft sell” approach that is quickly become the staple of contemporary marketing strategy. Customers don’t want to be told what to buy anymore. They want to discover it on their own, and all you can do is help guide them toward your product as the ideal solution.

You do that by building a presence online that situates your product in the right place for its ideal audience to track  it down. You do that by demonstrating your authority in the industry you aim to position yourself with blog posts, videos, and social media content that clearly highlights your investment and your knowledge. You do that by making a case for yourself as the ideal solution with data and research to back it up.

People out there have problems, and they want to find solutions. Make sure you’re always ready to provide and that you can explain clearly that your product is the perfect answer for them.

— ZK 

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