Before You Can Sell, You Need to Understand Your Product


At the heart of marketing and sales is the mission to get people to understand your product and its value to them. But the only way this is going to work if the person or people who made the product understand it perfectly.

Otherwise, how can you expect others to appreciate and buy into your vision if you and the team responsible for selling and marketing the product don’t grasp it totally?

Understanding goes well beyond the ‘facts and figures’ that stand behind your product. That’s just knowledge. Understanding is something deeper. It’s about recognizing how all that information works together to create a valuable solution to the people you intend to sell your idea to.

It’s about more than just features and benefits. The whole is worth more than the sum of its parts, as they say. If you want to sell your idea effectively, you need to get a handle on that totalizing vision — the all-encompassing promise of the product. In other words, the exact way that it is going to slot into a person’s life for the better.


For each individual, the exact nature of that solution may be different. A good car salesman knows more about the given features of a car. They can explain exactly why that car is perfectly suited to the specific needs of a particular person.

A young professional might be looking for something sleek and stylish. Someone starting a family might be looking for something safe and space efficient. Understanding is about anticipating those unique needs, and presenting your product in a way that suits them perfectly.    

In today’s world, so much of what makes a company stand out from the pack is their ability to create a defining customer experience. Just as much as the value of the product itself, people are really and truly influenced by good consumer experiences. That positive experience will get them to commit to you, and it will keep them coming back.

There is no market without its share of competitors, and the best way to get ahead is not just to create a superior product, but also to build a superior experience around it, and understanding is the first step in that process.

In every sale interaction, and in every interaction in general with clients, customers, or prospects, you need to be able to answer every question that might come up about what you’re selling. More than that, you need to be able to make those prospects feel special.


50% of every buying decision is driven by emotion. You have to be able to tell people more than the facts and figures of your product. You need to explain clearly why they need it, why it’s going to change their life, or simply why it’s going to make their days a little more pleasant, all without overselling or being aggressive.

This is only possible with deeply rooted understanding of your product and the people that want to buy it.

If your solution doesn’t make perfect sense to you then there’s a much lower chance that it will make any sense to anyone else. Take the time to suss out the value of your product. Use it yourself and imagine every possible scenario that it might be beneficial.

Chances are you’ll miss stuff that customers will pick up, and that’s okay. Just so long as you can incorporate the best feedback and the most valuable experiences into the ever-changing vision that you’ve set out to build.

— ZK 

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