28 of Our Favorite Tools for Startup Teams

You may not know this, but 13p5 has a dedicated page loaded with resources to help you run your business better than ever. We've picked some of our favorites from that list for your consideration.


Github is a name that a lot of people know about, but for some it only goes that far. While you’re certainly not going to learn all the ins and outs of the service, it’s easily one of the most user friendly source code management tools with so many features to make code review and collaboration experiences better. It’s worth a look if you’re stuck on what to use for your next development effort.

Our full list of some of the best Web Development tools.



There’s so much information flying around at any given time that we want to share and discuss. Unfortunately this can sometimes cut into productive work flow. Point is an incredibly useful tool to cut online articles down to their highlights and share with friends and business associates easily. 

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We use so many apps to make our lives easier and to get our businesses running better that it can sometimes become a chore of its own to manage them all. Zapier is the perfect solution with a means to synchronize all your apps under one umbrella, to automate tasks between them, and to get more information out of your usage. 

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If social media is at all a concern of yours then you are missing out big time if you haven’t given Buffer a look. You’ve probably already heard of it, but it deserves a highlight all the same. Buffer is the definitive social media tool to plan your week of content ahead of time and learn way more about your engagement and what it means for your business. 

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We know about tools that make internal communication way easier before, but what about communicating with your customers? Intercom is a great solution for every person in your business to have a gateway to the customer, their interests, and their concerns. May it be feedback, support, or engagement, this app does all the customer-facing work that you’ll need. 

Our full list of some of the best tools for Communication & Task Management


The Noun Project

Branding your business is going to mean finding resources online that can give you everything you need. The Noun Project is one of those resources and an excellent one at that with countless free icon and illustration designs to help you build out the visual elements of your site, app, or marketing material that will get people looking your way. 

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People tend to think of inspiration in broad terms, but when it comes to developing something, more focus generally helps. GoodUI is a tool loaded with tips and ideas specifically concerned with building out a powerful and engaging user interface for whatever it is you’re developing. This is a great place to start if you’re not quite sure how you want your app to look and function. 

Our full list of some of the best sources of Inspiration.  



Going out and finding investors for whatever round of funding you’re in is one of the toughest challenges for any startup. SeedInvest is a platform that looks to connect you with the right investors that have a genuine interest in your effort without nearly as much hassle. It’s a great tool for startups and investors both to find the partnerships that are going to lead to genuine success. 

Our full list of some of the best Business & Finance tools.  


Google Analytics

There really is no better analytics tool available for businesses than the old standard from Google. Not every project the company has tried has panned out, but Analytics can certainly be chalked up as one of their definitive successes. With incredibly valuable tracking and insights on all aspects of customer engagement for your websites, social media, and other online outlets, you’ll have all the information you need to get your business running way better. 

Our full list of some of the best Analytics tools



Nibbler is the best kind of resource. Simple, easy to use, and with clear, actionable results. Just throw the address of your website into the tool and it will pop out scores for ten key web development areas. These include accessibility, marketing, and technology with breakdowns of how these factors are scored based on things like images, headings, and quantity of content. It is incredibly useful for identifying problem elements on your website and what you need to do to shore up those deficiencies. 

Our full list of some of the best Web Development tools.


Product Hunt

It always pays to keep an eye on the competition, and Product Hunt is one of the best ways to do that. With user-rated content rising to the top of the page, the site shows off the products that are drawing the attention of savvy potential prospects. If you click on a particular product, it will drop down a selection of similar items of that type that might not have made it to the front page. As we know, it’s very important to track what’s getting these potential early adopters excited.

Our full list of some of the best “Finding Early Users” resources.



People let their good ideas go to waste too often, but it makes sense. It’s easy to let some of the idle thoughts slip through the cracks in the everyday shuffle. Fortunately, Germ.io is the perfect solution. The site is a place for you to put every freeform thought. It helps you track, categorize, manage, and develop that spark into a genuine initiative. It’s good to throw everything at the wall, Germ.io makes sure that the best ideas stick. 

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Survey Monkey

Data is good, but smart usage of that information flow is better. Survey Monkey has you covered on both fronts. With its builder tool, you can easily create a simple poll or an in-depth market survey. Then you can take that data and run it through their analytics to discover the insights that are really going to matter. They also have tech to help you define your target audience.

Our full list of some of the best Online Tools.



Hootsuite is designed to make it dramatically easier to manage and track the value of your various social media outlets. It combines Twitter and Facebook into a slick, easy-to-use interface where you can schedule posts, track conversations, and manage the business of social media all in one spot. You can also quickly create shareable analytics reports to illustrate the benefits of your social media efforts. 

Our full list of some of the best Email & Social tools. 



Slack started as a niche chatroom app and quickly ballooned into the most intuitive in-house communications tool out there today. You can create however many chatrooms are needed for your different initiatives and teams all inside a user-friendly interface. And its free format is remarkably unrestricted. It’s simple, it’s clean, and it gets the job done better than anything else.

Our full list of some of the best tools for Communication & Task Management. 



At some point in your startup career, you’re probably going to have to build a website or two. Wireframe.cc makes the designing part much easier. With an intuitive and minimalist interface, you can drag and draw your way to a clear and crisp framework of what you want your website to look like. If you don’t know exactly what you want, then you’ll get smart suggestions to help you flesh out your design. Easy to modify and easy to share, Wireframe.cc does exactly what it needs to and that’s great. 

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Really Good Emails 

What does a really good marketing email look like? Well there’s this website called Really Good Emails and they seem to have a few answers to that question. RGE is a depository of some of the best email designs out there, neatly categorized into a long list of different topics and styles. If you’re trying to find inspiration for the design of your next campaign then look no further. 

Our full list of some of the best sources of Inspiration. 



Every good business these days needs an online outlet in the form of a website to succeed. We all know about the big sites that offer template services to get you started, but if you are looking for something a little more custom and unique then LiquidBlox might be the way to go. They offer a great range of templates and design for websites, magazine blogs, and much more. 

Our full list of some of the best Web Development tools. 



There’s no denying that running a business is no small part of the startup experience. It’s not always fun and it can be a bit messy, but fortunately there are tools out there like Wave to make that process smoother for small businesses. Wave offers an array of cloud-based software for all sorts of finance matters from accounting to invoices to payments. It’s simple, useful, and a lot of it is free. 

Our full list of some of the best Business & Finance tools. 


Simply Measured

Simply Measured is an incredibly comprehensive social media analytics tool designed to help you build your social media strategy with a wealth of data on your audience and your competitors. It tracks brand activities, audience engagement, and business results to help you adapt your strategy and optimize your tactics after each campaign. 

Our full list of some of the best Analytics tools. 



We’ve talked a lot about the power of monetizing your audience, but once you’ve built an engaged base, it’s sometimes hard to know how to take the next step. Well TicTail is a great solution, a simple and easy-to-use means of creating an online store to shop your product or whatever it is you want to sell to your online audience. They have so many utilities to build the perfect storefront for your business and it’s definitely worth a look. 

Our full list of some of the best Web Development tools. 



Keeping a finger on the ever-changing pulse of the startup industry is an all-important part of finding the right opportunities and the perfect users. BetaList lets you see the innovations at the absolute forefront of the space before they’ve even fully released. If you want to know what game-changing products are on their way out the door then there’s no better resource out there. 

Our full list of some of the best “Finding Early Users” resources.



People tend to respond to beautiful presentation, and when it comes to surveys, forms, landing pages, etc., Typeform is a great answer for making them all look fantastic. Proven to boost responses, clicks, and completion rates, the evidence backs up the power that quality content can have. If you want your media to look as good as your product, this is a great solution. 

Our full list of some of the best Online Tools. 



Managing all your social media outlets can be a bit of a hassle, but there are so many tools out there to not only make the process easier, but to also let you get so much more out of it from an analytics standpoint. DoSocial helps you manage your Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages with a comprehensive breakdown of how to to upgrade your social media front. 

Our full list of some of the best Email & Social tools.  



Trello is one of those tools that has quickly become a staple for the business looking to get way more organized. Highly customizable and rife with options, Trello lets you put all your resources in one place, all organized just the way you want. It’s most powerful as a workflow tool with checklists to help you plan your week before it happens and to make sure that your team is always on the same page. 

Our full list of some of the best tools for Communication & Task Management. 



If you want people to see your brand, in the form of blog graphics, presentations, Facebook covers, flyers, posters, invitations, or whatever else you can think of, Canva is a great solution to get it all done. What defines Canva most is its ease of use. It’s full of resources to help you build all the graphics you could everyone want, it’s free, and it’s fully online. It’s hard to beat that kind of value with how expensive good design software can be. Definitely worth a look if you want to create simple, great images to support your product. 

Our full list of some of the best Photo & Design tools. 



Startup founders have to be responsible for so many things that it helps when a tool like Visible comes in to take the pain away from some of the more difficult interactions. By visualizing and streamlining all the data you’re expected to share with your investors, Visible helps you to keep people in the know. Not only will your reporting be that much easier, but it will also look much better and will be way more organized. 

Our full list of some of the best Business & Finance tools. 



If you want to properly leverage all the analytics you have coming in, you need to be able to understand exactly what they mean for your business. Hotjar helps you do just that with tools like heatmaps to track where your visitors are clicking and spending the most of their time and Conversion Funnels tracking the point when visitors decide to leave your site. These tools and so much more are incredibly powerful means to identify deficiencies in your website, your content, and all the other aspects of your business that still need work. 

Our full list of some of the best Analytics tools. 

If you think we've missed anything, let us hear it. We're always looking to build the list further. 

— ZK

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