It's Worth Creating a Personalized Routine for Your Daily Life

None of us live quite the same lives. We all have unique goals, challenges, and obstacles to face down each and every day. And yet we so frequently go to other people to map out how to live our lives. Maybe it’s time to start look inside to get the right idea instead.

“How 10 Successful People Start Their Day”—articles like that are all over the internet. Hell, we’ve probably featured a few like that here. They are popular for a reason. It’s seductive—the idea that someone has figured out the perfect way to live their life. If you could just get your hands on that formula, you would be set right?

Well, maybe not. There are two reasons why these articles don’t suddenly turn us into the successful people we want to emulate. First, a list of 10 reasons isn’t going to adequately communicate the nuances of a person’s life. Second and perhaps more important, we can’t just mimic someone else’s life strategy and expect it to slot perfectly into the unique madness that is each and every one of our lives.

No one is the same and no one reacts to the world in exactly the same way. You can’t just put someone else’s clothes on and expect them to fit. The same is true of the routine and tactics they’ve cultivated over the course of years and years.

Instead, you have embrace do what they did, and not in the easy, expedient way that those articles promise. You have to look at yourself and your life and figure out what works for you. What are the things that make you comfortable? What are the practices that can help put your mind at ease and cultivate a productive attitude?

It doesn’t all have to be lemon juice and meditation. We all have things in our life that are sources of joy and motivation. They may be as simple as books on your desk or artwork on your wall. Inspiration is everywhere, the challenge is looking inside and identifying what you react most strongly to. Once you can do that, take the next step by integrating it all into your life.

You can still read those articles that promise great routines and better lives. The key is just to think critically about what they are offering. If you see something in there that resonates with you—don’t be afraid to try it. Judge the experience you had personally and decide if it’s something really worth considering. The response you have is the only one that counts.

Something else that is important to understand is that success doesn’t come from any kind of easy trick or tactic. We are tempted by the trick methodology because the true alternative is undoubtedly scary and difficult. Real success means years of work and a willingness to grow and change. Real success means a devotion to critical thinking and self awareness.

It’s as true of businesses as it is for individuals. No one is going to lay out the path for you. No one is going to do the work for you. You have to figure out what is going to make your business run like a well-oiled machine. Trial and error and constant dedication are the fundamental truths that are going to get you there.

— ZK

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