Embrace the Obstacles That Challenge Your Business Every Day

Life, work, and business can often feel like a waiting game between big objectives. You do the daily tasks, you pay your dues, and you wait for it all to amount to the next big thing. Sometimes something ugly gets in the way of your progress. But the bad stuff isn’t the problem. The problem comes when we let it paralyze you instead of embracing the obstacles that are essential to life.

We have a tendency as people to try to avoid any negative stimuli at all costs. We try to avoid the obstacles instead of battling through them. But life is about obstacles. It is and would be boring without challenge to overcome. The most satisfaction in life is throwing yourself into something you dread and defeating it. Without that, all you are doing is going through the motions.

For a short time, we’re happy with obtaining the things we want, but that feeling fades over time. It’s only with new challenges and new obstacles that we can continue to earn that satisfaction and keep ourselves driven and motivated. Only adversity can galvanize us to grow and change as people.

This simple fact is just as true of startups as anything else. The sheer amount of obstacles thrown the way of the startup can seem insurmountable, but they don’t have to be this venomous thing to be avoided at all costs. In truth, they are what make all the work mean something at all.

The worst thing that can happen to your businesses is a fully developed fear of obstacles. It’s the quickest way to stagnate progress and destroy any hope of growth. Every obstacle should be viewed as an opportunity—a door to something greater. More often than not, it turns out that way once you do battle free. And the best part is, you will feel great every single time it happens.

It would be so easy to put blinders on and pretend that bad things don’t happen. But it’s a profoundly narrow and ultimately pointless way to view the world. Hard times will come, but when you can run straight at them without fear, they will be nothing more than the most meaningful stepping stones on the road your business is traveling.

Be decisive and don’t let yourself be paralyzed by any challenge that comes your way. In the moment, it may seem like you’ll never get past it, but there is always a finish line waiting for you somewhere. Even ignoring the success and the progress that comes from facing challenge, the satisfaction of conquering something is worth it on its own.

The first step is to embrace the obstacles—embrace the suck and all the bad things that are going to try to block your path. They are where the magic happens. They are the reason why you’re doing this at all. If you stop fearing them, they will never be able to get in your way for very long.  

— ZK

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