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Startups with shorter names are more likely to succeed, study finds

What makes some start-ups successful? When pondering this question, details matter. Success is all about engaging your potential user just a bit more with every element of your product. The name of your product is a huge part of this delicate dance. Tired of guessing? Alison Griswold of Slate explains some science that proves shorter, snappier, and more distinct names are best, and just why that is. 

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What to do about that chip on your shoulder?

There’s a stereotype that start-up founders trying to find their niche have a chip on their shoulder. When success is so rare and the road to it is so treacherous, it’s natural for founders to get frustrated. But if properly channeled, that frustration is actually a good thing. Mark Suster of Both Sides of the Table shows how we can learn to harness that passion to prove the genuine quality of your product, rather than burying it under a pile of negativity.

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Is there a “success” model?

In the start-up world, there’s been no small amount of effort devoted to trying to understand why certain companies succeed and others fail. It’s easy to see why. If you can understand success, if you can break it down and quantify it into something that can be bottled and sold, then you have the metaphorical keys to the kingdom and a fair bit more. Obviously, finding the keys to success is no small feat or someone would have done it by now. The real question: Is it even possible? We think so, but maybe not in the way that you would expect.

It takes devotion and timing. But it also takes luck.

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