Zach Kliger  |  Chief Writer


Zach is the chief writer for 13p5 and composes the weekly blog posts for the site. He's interested in capturing every piece of a well-run business from growth to marketing to culture building in each and every one of his posts. He's also a content writer for Woden and has produced blogs, white papers, and published copy attesting to the power of storytelling in every facet of business, no matter what a company happens to be selling. 

Zach comes to 13p5 from a background in creative writing at the University of Colorado. When new ideas for stories aren’t chasing their way around his head, he is thinking about how to distill the journey of a company into a narrative anyone can relate to.

When he's not obsessing over that, he's spending the rest of his time podcasting about all forms of media, but especially Game of Thrones.

Dan McDonough, Jr.  |  Editor

Dan is managing partner and founder of Woden, and focuses on the creative work of the agency. He is the former chief executive of Elauwit, a media and technology company, and is chairman and founder of Elauwit Media, a hyper-local news company. He knows quite a bit about start-ups, and his passion is telling the story of amazing businesses. While he’s spent most of his life telling that story about his own businesses, he’s now doing that for other great companies through Woden.

Dan started his career in media as a teenager, being named executive editor of The Observer in Northern New Jersey at the age of 19. Since then, his news experience included serving as editorial-page editor for daily newspapers in New Jersey; as a New York City-based special correspondent for the Washington-based Bureau of National Affairs, Inc.; and as a news professional with Gannett Co. and Dow Jones & Co.

When he’s not amplifying the story of his clients, Dan’s usually getting into trouble with his precocious nine-year-old son, riding his Harley, or playing jazz on his bass.